Thursday, February 12, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty haul

I apologize for neglecting this blog but I've been SO busy at work. I'm in a modern day slavery, forreal lol. Anyway, I ordered half of these haul on Tuesday when MAC released the Hello Kitty collection online. Then earlier right after work I stopped by at a MAC counter to check it out IRL. I actually planned on getting a couple of Creemsheen glass but the texture looks just like my Chanel Glossimers hence I passed on it and picked up couple more items from this collection. I'm kinda iffy on the eyeshadows mainly because they're all dupe-able. And besides, I already have some of the e/s. Anyway, I'm not doing a swatch since there are thousand of websites that have swatches already, LOL. And here's what I got...

Sweet Srawberry & Nice Kitty

Fun & Games blush

Big Bow, Most Popular & Strayin' (pic with flash

Same as above's but without flash and this best represents the exact color especially of the Most Popular & Strayin'.

Gotta love the Hello Kitty imprint on the lipstick!