Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby pictures!

My baby is finally home! We picked her up Tuesday of last week, in the midst of rain & snow. See, she was born when we were having blizzard and it was also snowing on the day that she's about to go home. Snow baby, lol. Sophie had her first pediatrician visit Thursday and the doctor said she's doing great for a preemie. She actually gained weight, and most premature babies loose 10% of their weight during the first few weeks. 

Here are a few pictures we took. I wanted to get a pro photographer to take some pics of her but her dad said why do we have all these expensive cameras for if we don't use it. Point taken lol. Though I'm still considering it :)

Sophia & MOmmy

Sophia & Daddy


Monday, February 15, 2010

She's here!


I gave birth last week, Wednesday Feb. 10th 2010 at North Shore Long Island Jewish hospital, 11:40 AM. We named her Sophia. I was actually ready, but I know my baby isn't yet. She's only 35 weeks and 5 days but like I've mentioned from my previous posts, I was having high blood pressure and we don't want to wait until she is in distress to deliver her. I went to see my 2 doctors Monday and everything seemed fine. Then as soon as I received a call from my high risk doctor telling me to go to the hospital ASAP, I had my hospital bag ready and went to the hospital with my mother. Doctor mentioned 1 of my tests not looking too good that's why he wanted me to go so they can observe me. The PA spoke to my doctor and she wanted to induce me that night. D got there right after his work, while the nurses were prepping me up to be induced. Both my mom and D stayed with me through the night and Wednesday morning the doctor checked and I was not yet ready and not dilated. I was only .08cm and it is still a long way to go. In the middle of snowy weather (we were anticipating snow storm, actually) my doctor arrived around 10:30 am and she spoke to me and D that she wanted to deliver the baby via c section, since we don't know how long I can be ready for normal delivery. We both agreed (so is my mom) that it's best that I deliver my baby as soon as possible. They prepped the operating room and I was there at 11:00 am or so. It was actually a quick procedure. And since this is not my first but my third time to be on the operating room, I wasn't as nervous as I would have been if it was my first time. All I wanted was to deliver my baby safely. Of course we prayed and all and thank God everything went well.

The nurse was able to take couple of pictures of my daughter as soon as she was delivered, she's all slimy LOL. And another picture of D holding her inside the OR. The rest of the pictures are taken from our phone. I didn't had a chance to see her after they took her out of the OR not until Thursday because I was all drugged and she is in Neonatal ICU because she is a preemie. But what a joy, when they took me to the NICU on a wheel chair to see her. She is so beautiful. Everybody says she's a mini me.

Except my parents, brother and D's family, nobody has seen her yet except from pictures. I got home last night but my baby has to stay in the hospital probably until the end of this week so they can monitor and make sure she is okay before they discharge her. I kept crying the other day to D telling him I feel so bad we have to leave her but we know it's for the best. She's safer in the hospital right now. Good news is, they took her out of her iv's and antibiotics Saturday. She's doing great actually.

Of course we're going to come visit her everyday until she's ready to be discharged. Until then, I'll share pictures taken from our phone.

My best Valentine's day gift, ever - Best Valentine's day gift ever

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's in my purse?

I've been meaning to post this but I never have time. Even though I work at home, I needed to relax and rest as much as I can and this is my 3rd Sunday to miss church. I guess I have a little time today for this.

So like I've said, I wanted to post this long time ago but I guess I never had time to do it and I wanted to try and play around with my new camera - Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. I love it. It's very light-weight compared to my old Canon xti so I'm sure it'll be used a lot.

Balenciaga Grape Step 2007
Here's my favorite purse, a Balenciaga Step style in Grape color from 2007. I had to put my name on a waiting list for this here in Bal-NY but changed my mind and ordered it from Aloha Rag in Hawaii instead. What changed my mind was the snobby SA's (sales assistant) at the store. I'd rather take my business and spend $1095 (that's the retail price of the Step style back in 2007, not really sure how much they are now although I know the motorcyle styles went up $100) somewhere else where the SA's are friendly. So anyway, I received the inventory from Aloha Rag and ordered this. The SA was really friendly and I told her what kind of leather I wanted, LOL. And a week later, I got my purse.

I've used this purse way too many times and I know I have to retire using it for now. But before that, I took a picture of it and whats inside it.

Take a peek --

What's in my purse?

I have:
2010 planner
Amazon Kindle 2
2 lotions
travel tissue
Prada wallet
MAC makeup bag
NARS lipgloss (which should have been inside the makeup bag)
eye drops
TUMS (I needed this because I constantly have heartburn since I got pregnant)
hand sanitizer
lip balm
Balenciaga black mirror (from my black first, I couldn't find the mirror that came with this purse!)

That's my essential stuff that I carry everyday. And now that I have a point and shoot camera, that goes inside too. I'll post what's inside my makeup bag next time.

Laterz... Time for my nap :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

New camera!

I've had my Canon Rebel XTI for a little over 2 years and as much as I love it, I hate carrying it! It's too bulky and heavy for me. I've used it more indoors (parties, family events) than outdoors and it's such a waste letting it collect dust. I've been contemplating for a while about selling it and getting a Canon T1i but the only reason is because of the HD video capability, but it's basically the same thing - a heavy ass camera. And since my bf have a Canon 50D, there's really no need for me to keep mines so I made up my mind to sell my XTI. My bestfriend asked me before if I wanted to sell it because his girlfriend wants one. So when I told him I am selling it, no second thoughts and hesitations. Matter fact, she picked it up earlier. I was tad sad to let it go but I'd rather have somebody that I know to use it, hopefully as much as I have used it. LOL, I know I can be a bit sentimental.

It was a debate last night between a Canon G11 and a Panasonic Lumix LX3, but the Lumix won lol. People may think I am crazy for ordering it already even before playing with it on a store, but I've read enough reviews and there's no way I can go out and try it out on a store anyway. And yes, I am very impatient like that. Besides, I am gonna order online anyway (but from an authorized dealer) so I don't have to pay NY taxes. Hoping to get it by the end of the week, since the store is only in New Jersey. Of course I ordered a 16gb memory card too.

Now I'm on a search for a case. I prefer a leather case, but we'll see..