Friday, May 23, 2008

FOTD: Soft & Slow look

Today for work I am wearing the Soft & Slow look from the Neo Sci Fi collection. Like I said yesterday, I am very excited to try the eyeshadows mainly because they are "work-friendly".
I didn't get any of the blushes because I am inlove with NARS' Orgasm & MAC's True Romantic, heh.
All MAC products, unless stated otherwise.
Prep+Prime Skin
Studio Stick NW35
Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder
True Romantic Beauty Blush
NARS Orgasm blush (on top of True Romantic)
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette #1
Spray of Fix+
Cork on brows
Rubenesque Paint Pot all over the lid
Time & Space on the inner 1/3
Evening Aura on the middle
Magnetic Fields on the outer lid & crease
Time & Space to line the upper lashline
Magnetic Fields to line the lower lashline
Diorshow Mascara
Kiehl's #1 lip balm
Sci-Fidelity lipstick
Soft & Slow lipglass

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Haul: Neo Sci Fi & Solar Field

I got all the eyeshadows from the Neo Sci Fi collection. I didn't plan to get any - not until yesterday. All the eyeshadows are work-friendly (for me) and that's exactly what I need. I feel like I have been wearing bold eyeshadows lately for work and I need to calm my makeup down LOL. Overall, this collection is perfect for me!
I bought the Expensive Pink on a pan since its a repromote (also saved me $4, hehe). I can't wait to play with these - probably tomorrow!
I only bought Sci-Fi-Delity & Pleasureseeker lipsticks because these are the only ones that I would definitely wear. I know for sure that I'll be wearing these two lipsticks a lot, that's how pretty they are! And same goes with Soft & Slow & Pink Grapefruit lipglasses.

The Solar Bits are pretty too! The Black Ore & Bronzescape are both sold out at the 2 MAC stores that I went to but I might check a few other stores tomorrow to get those. I haven't really played with these yet but I've heard from other people's review that the fallout from these pigments are bad! I would recommend using a Mixing Medium or Fix+ when using this.

Handbag & Shoe sale:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MAC: Neo Sci Fi

Spinning glamour into another orbit: our magnetic field of hot fluorescents, modern buffs, beiges and flesh tones are destined to test the laws of your style gravity. With these supersonic shades and neon orange compacts, go shock the galaxy!


  • Sci-Fi-Delity - burnt red with gold pearl (frost)
  • Pleasureseeker - creamy peach (glaze)
  • Astral - mid-tone brown with red pearl (lustre)
  • Electro - burnt orange (lustre)
  • Sunsonic - white gold (frost)

Tinted Lipglass

  • Supreme - bronzed brown with white pearl
  • Naked Space - creamy mid-tone nude peach
  • Pink Grapefruit - orange with gold pearl
  • Soft & Slow - mid-tone creamy plum

Eye Shadow

  • Magnetic Fields - black brown with silver pearl (veluxe pearl)
  • Femme-Fi - frosty golden cream
  • Evening Aura - frosty golden peach (veluxe pearl)
  • Time & Space - frosty copper
  • Expensive Pink - pink with gold duochrome (veluxe pearl)


  • Plushblack

Powder Blush

  • Spaced Out - shimmery peach
  • X-Rocks - shimmery dirty mauve

Cremestick liner

  • 80%
  • Beurre
  • Summerfruit

Nail Lacquer

  • Metalist
  • Plasma Blu
  • Neon 8
  • Phoshor

Now available at MAC Cosmetics online. May 29, 2008 at MAC store.

MAC: Solar Field Color Story

Alternate sun power. Glamour beams across the universe via new Solar Bits: free-formed clusters of rich pigment and pearl. Its full-volt complement: skin made provocatively golden through Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche and Refined Golden.
Solar Bits
Highly condensed clusters of pigment and pearl uniquely formulated to give a special hit of frost and colour on eyes and cheeks. The pigment’s special clustering formula provides the choice of two application modes. Swish..
  • Sunpower - light metallic tan with gold pearl
  • Black Ore - rich black with gold pearl
  • Bronzescape - clean yellow brown with gold pearl
  • Scatterays - soft metallic peach with gold pearl

Solar Field Bronzing Powder
A lightly frosted tinted powder that provides sheer natural bronzing effects and highlights. Ideal for enhancing a skin tone or accenting or strengthening a tan. Skin conditioning, long-wearing and formulated to provide a smooth, even application on all skin types.

  • Refined Golden - finely spun golden with soft pearl finish
  • Solar Rich - mid-tone deep orange brown

Brushes (repromotes)

  • 168 Large angle contour brush
  • 239 Eye shading brush

Now available at MAC Cosmetics online. May 29, 2008 at MAC store.

MAC: Future Earth Color Story

Lava-licious! The power of Volcanic Ash brought into one dynamic all-black element, Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. Mineral-rich. Cleanses, exfoliates, makes skin look radiant. Its glowing compliment: new Prep + Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
A highly effective, dual-purpose, foaming and exfoliating scrub blending natural Volcanic Ash with fine sugar crystals from the islands of Vanuatu. Adds moisture: leaves skin feeling soft and comfortably clean. Mineral-rich....

Prep+Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher
A two-in-one lip-conditioning and exfoliating stick. On one side, a botanically-derived natural exfoliator, on the other a lip conditioner that moisturizes, nourishes, and soothes the lips. Use to smooth and prep the lips prior...

Charged Water/Revitalizing Energy
Charged water, fused with vital ions from a diamond and instilled with a spirit-lifting therapeutic aroma, then delivered to the skin in the soothing aura of a revitalizing hydrating mist. Like its source – a diamond...

Now available at MAC Cosmetics online. May 29, 2008 at MAC store.

Monday, May 19, 2008

NYX Eye/eyebrow Pencil

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my NYX eye pencil hauls and this is a swatch of all the colors that I have. My most used color is Electric Blue & Sapphire simply because the colors are exptremely vibrant. I love using the Sapphire pencil on my lashline and waterline especially when I'm wearing lavender or pink eye shadows as it makes my eyes pop (!). This goes the same with Electric Blue - I usually use this color on my waterline whenever I use MAC's Blue Peep fluidline on my lashline, I just love the effect it gives to my eyes.

I think the lighter colors such as Baby Blue, Yellow & Baby Pink is an easy pass because they are a little too light (at least for me) to use as an eyeliner. I love it when eyeliners/pencils does its job to enhance the eyeshadow color and the shape of the eye.

And of course, nothing can beat the price tag of $1.99 each eye pencil :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mineral Eye Shadows

The last month and a half I've been browsing MMU (mineral makeup) websites. So far, I have ordered from Lumiere, Taylor Made Minerals (LOVE the eyeshadow pigments!) & The She Space. Over the weekend I placed my orders for Electric Cosmetics, Aromaleigh & MAD Minerals. I already have a swatch ready for Lumiere & The She Space so all I have to do is go over and write review about them, stay tuned!

Anyway, y'all have a great week!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

testing for twitter


FOTD: Lavender eyes

Hmmn... I haven't posted FOTD pics lately so I'm gonna show you guys the look I created yesterday.
· Smashbox Primer (green)
· MAC select moisturecover concealer
· Makeup Forever Mat Velvet +
· MAC Medium Plus Mineralize Skinfinish
· MAC True Romantic Beauty Powder blush
· MAC Fix +
· Urban Decay Primer Potion
· MAC Mancatcher e/s on inner lid (the 1st 1/4);
· MAC Swish e/s on the second 1/4 of the lid;
· MAC Lavender sky on the 3rd 1/4 lid
· MAC Creme de Violet on the last 4th 1/4 or outer lid and crease (all eyeshadows are the same for under the lower lashline)
· MAC nylon & Whistle e/s for brow highlights
· MAC Brule e/s for the brows
· MAC Blacktrack fluidline on the upper lashline
· MAC Engraved powerpoint eye pencil for waterline
· Diorshow mascara
· Kiehl's lip balm #1;
· Nyx frosted beige lipstick

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil

I bought these like two months ago and never really had a chance to use it. Don't ask me why cuz I don't know, LOL. IMO they are better than MAC Shadesticks, creamier and the colors are vibrant. They may be used as an eyeshadow itself because of the pigmented colors thought creamy eye products are prone to crease after a few hours of use. I'd say they are good as bases or to use as a lower lashline shadow.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning S-A-L-E!

As posted earlier, I am taking orders for pressed MAC pigment. I currently have TEAL, PINK PEARL, NAKED, CHARTREUSE, LOVELY LILY, MUTINY & BELL BOTTOM BLUE. It will be on a pan same size as MAC eyeshadows so it fits perfectly on the pro palettes. Please let me know if you are interested! Each pressed pigment will be $6.50. In addition, I will include a free magnet if you requested! :)

This is a sample of the pressed pigment. They are definitely a lil more than 1/4 tsp pigment samples and the color payoff is the same as loose pigments.

Note: The pro palette quad is NOT included, however I can provide one if you want for an extra $4.00 :) And like I said, I can provide a magnet as well.

Generous 1/4 tsp sample from a 5 gram clear screw top jar
$2.50 each 1/4 sample jar

MAC pro refill eyeshadows

MAC depotted eyeshadows. Everything except Fade is depotted perfectly. All still have the original bottom tag/name and a square magnet is included as well.

Eye shadows in screw top jar

MAC Mineralized Eye Shadows

Please leave a comment with your email address where I can reach you for the prices of the MAC eyeshadows.


For Sale: Pressed MAC Pigments & MAC Pigment Samples!

I pressed all of my full size MAC pigments and MAC pigment samples a few months ago and I have a friend asked me to do hers too. One of her co-workers at work loved the idea of pressed pigment so they asked my friend if they can buy a few shades from me. I did and I enjoyed doing it, haha.

Anyway, I posted an ad to specktra and temptalia forums about this as well -

I am taking orders for pressed MAC pigment. I currently have TEAL, PINK PEARL, NAKED, VIOLET, PINKED MAUVE, VANILLA, ROSE GOLD, CHARTREUSE, LOVELY LILY, MUTINY & BELL BOTTOM BLUE. It will be on a pan same size as MAC eyeshadows so it fits perfectly on the pro palettes. Please let me know if you are interested! Each pressed pigment will be $6.50. In addition, I will include a free magnet if you requested!

I also have 1/4 tsp pigment samples for TEAL, PINK PEARL, NAKED, VIOLET, PINKED MAUVE, VANILLA, ROSE GOLD, CHARTREUSE, LOVELY LILY, MUTINY & BELL BOTTOM BLUE. The 1/4 pigment samples will be stored in a 5 gram clear jar. It will be $2.50 each pigment sample.

Please leave a comment for shipping information and such and don't forget to provide your email address so we can communicate via email. I do have feedback in specktra username "xjoycex" and eBay as a seller, contact me so I can give you my seller id.

I will post picture and swatches later tonight (I'm still at work.. Ugh, an hour and a half to go!)


I'm still here!

So I went to the Estee Lauder Company Store (also known as CCO) 4 blocks away from my job. Its not actually your regular CCO store because you need a card to be able to purchase from the store. The company I work for gives employees this card and each person have a $200 limit and we can only shop once a week. Not bad but of course this is a CCO so they don't get current releases. Though they do have an awesome selection of MAC products from LE eyeshadows, lip products, nail lacquer, face products, brushes, almost everything. The first time I went there I got a lil crazy and bought about 10 eyeshadows and a few lipstick and lipglasses, LOL. Anyway, I went today on my lunch break and I was surprised I did not bought any at all. LOL, I just wanna share it because I was surprised at myself haha!

I was so busy at work I didn't have time to update. Its Friday and this is my update as of last week:

Taylor Made Mineral samples (I'll try to post a swatch a review tonight)
Lumiere Mineral samples (I'm gonna post a review and swatches about this too)
3 Nars eyeshadows
11 NYX eye pencils
3 NYX eyeshadows
3 MAC lip products (will post a swatch on this as soon as I receive my Naughty Nauticals pigments)

Still waiting for:
The She Space pigment samples
40 empty 5 gram jar (so I can transfer my pigment samples)
Nike SB "720's"

Anticipating for:
Married to the MOB X Colette X Reebok
Nike SB "Thrashin"
MAC Neo Sci Fi collection

I think that's about it.

Enjoy the weekend y'all!

PS: I revamped my links (left side of this blog) and added online stores that I have dealt with that I would recommend to my readers. Check them out!

Estee Lauder at HSN

Channel Surfing
By Michelle Edgar

Estée Lauder's BeautyBank is heading to TV to reinvent its distribution strategy. Eyes by Design, a prestige-priced makeup and treatment line created specifically for HSN, launches in July and adds a new selling outlet for the division, previously only in department and specialty stores. Industry sources said the assortment could do $15 million in retail sales by its third year.

Read more at WWD