Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So I've been m.i.a. for 3 months. Maybe some of you know and some don't. I'm expecting a child, actually I'm on my 7th month of pregnancy. Some people have asked me if I created a pregnancy blog. No, I did not. Nor I intend to. It actually took me a while to tell people that I am pregnant, aside from our family of course. I waited until it's "safe", after my first trimester ended.

Anyway, I started my 7th month this week and I can't wait to meet our baby! Sometimes she moves a lot and not that it bothers me but it gets uncomfortable at times. There are nights when I stay up for hours and couldn't go back to sleep, on top of having to get up 3-5 times every night to use the bathroom. Though, I'm getting used to it anyway. We haven't bought anything yet. Except for couple pair of crib booties on eBay, hehe. One of my goals this week is to make lists of the things we need to get, and budget too. The baby gift registry on BabiesRUs and Amazon that we created could be a huge help (mental note). And since I am not doing any Lamaze classes, I opted to order this Childbirth class dvd from Amazon.

I've also been seeing my doctors a lot. 2 doctors. Every two weeks. One is my regular OB and the other is another OB but he checks over my blood pressure. I have to do all these tests and check my BP twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. That's the only struggle I am having with this pregnancy, my blood pressure getting real high. My doctor said that pregnant women around this time should instead have low BP and mine is the other way, it's not good for me and definitely bad for the baby. So I have to constantly monitor it, although I've never really seen it low, or at least normal. It gets me frustrated and it gets D frustrated too but what else can I do? I am staying away from sodium (salty foods) and I go out (most of the time) for a walk during my lunch break, but it just wouldn't go down. I need to isolate myself and stay at a relaxing place with nobody to piss me off. Like really in the morning on my way to work, nobody gives up their seat on the subway. I am 7 months pregnant and who can miss that? Men would pretend like they are sleeping as soon as they see me walk in the train (funny I know but seriously, people do that). So who wouldn't be aggravated with that? Then I get to work and people love to talk my ear off. I am so tired of it. I'm nice and all but I have limits too. I don't need to listen to your hatred to the government, the company you work at, why you have to work, health remedies, etc. I always have my earphones on, listening to music but people don't take it as a hint that I wanted to be left alone, LOL. What else can I do to suggest that I don't wanna hear it, really? So yeah, that is 1 of my major dilemma. How do I keep sane, calm & relax if everywhere I turn people just aggravate me? I swear I need to disappear for the next 4 months.

Anyway, there goes my update and rant for the day. Hopefully I'd be able to give updates, if anyone is interested.