Monday, October 20, 2008

10/18/08 Randomness

Thursday, October 16, 2008

MAC Red She Said haul

Since I have plans tonight with my drinking buddy LOL, I stopped by the MAC stores in Chelsea during my lunch break and picked up a few goodies:

Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish
Word-of-Mouth Mineralize eyeshadow trio
#222 Brush
Red She Said lipstick
Crazee lipstick
Fibre Rich Lash mascara

Total damage: $110 and some change

I already have a lot of eyeshadow that's why I didn't go crazy with this collections' eyeshadows. The Dazzleglass are fun but I am inlove with Chanel's glossimiers hence, I didn't pick up any. I'm also contemplating on the Petticoat MSF though I know I really don't need it.

Overall, the Red She Said is a decent release. I pretty much bought what I wanted so there's nothing to go back for. Well okay maybe the Pomposity lipstick but it looks like a dupe with my Rocking Chic lipstick from the Barbie collection last year, which I love so much! I'm sure MACaholics will get an item or two from the Red She Said collection.

Here are a few pics from my haul. Not a great quality because its taken from my mighty iPhone. I'm gonna try to take pictures later when I get home =]

Today's MAC Haul

Soft and Gentle MSF

"Red" She Said & Crazee lipstick

MAC Collection Releases and Dates

10/16 - Carry All Traincase (MAC stores + only. Partner locations on 01 Jan 09)
10/16 - Mineralize Line Expansion and Displayer
10/16 - Sheer Minerals
10/16 - Red She Said (Holiday Colour Collection)
10/23 - Kids Helping Kids (Holiday Cards that support the MAC AIDS Fund)
10/23 - Giftables (Holiday gift containers for customers to fill/purchase and give as gifts)
10/23 - Passions of Red (Holiday Palettes)
10/23 - Enchanting Vermillion Fashion Eye Kit
11/06 - Dazzle Lash Mascara
11/06 - Little Darlings (Holiday Minis)
11/13 - Fall/Winter Trend Bags
11/20 - Metal Urge
11/27 - Monogram - MAC's annual couture collection
11/30 - Perfect Style
Nov 08 - Adoring Carmine Bags (Holiday Lip Bags and Brush Sets)
Nov 08 - Passionately Red (Holiday Viva Glam Lip Palettes)
12/26 - Lash and Dash (Formerly known as 'Lash Sidebar'
12/26 - Dame Edna
12/26 - Chill

Source: Specktra

The last time I was in the MAC store was a week and a half ago, not to buy anything crazy but the necessities - makeup remover wipes and concealer. Honestly I was surprised at myself. I usually go to the MAC Pro a week earlier if there's a new collection coming out but I haven't done that since the Sonic Chic collection. I still go here and there but not like before where I go to the MAC store at least twice a week.

Anyway, I may have to go today and check out the new collection and maybe get a few items from the Red She Said & Sheer Minerals collections. And if I do, a swatch will be posted up soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Domain name

Okay I need a domain name. I messed up the domain name that I bought from blogger half a year ago so its useless. I have a few in mind but any name suggestion is welcome =].

Let's hear it!

10 minutes late at work, not bad LOL.

Like my music on the page? I love it!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What do you see?

If I had known that we're going around downtown I would've brought my camera with me =(. I gotta take it with me more often because the camera is just sitting around my crib. And I wouldn't let it become a $650ish worth of paperweight, hell no!

So anyway, I made the best out of my mighty iPhone and took few flicks.

So umm what do you see in this piece of art?

Random thoughts...

So I neglected this weblog again *sigh*. At first I wanted a sneaker culture / streetwear-ish informative type of blog, obviously didn't worked out with me because there are too many informations out there with who's coming out with what, who's collaborating with X brand, the hottest kicks out, new releases, new brands, etc. - too many that I can't keep up anymore. Then I made an attempt to revamp the site and moved to blogger to make a cosmetic / make-up / girlish blog but there are too many out there already too LOL. MAC makeup swatches are everywhere and whenever I get new stuff from the latest collection, I barely have time to take pictures either. And that didn't worked out too.

So yesterday I was hanging out with a friend of mine and he asked me why I stopped writing here - told him the reasons mentioned above. Then he said why not write just random stuff, random thoughts. Of course I've thought of that before, duh! Good idea or bad? I don't know but yeah I'm gonna try it. Something interesting happens to me everyday, LOL. Seriously. But yeah, I'm gonna give it a try and take his advice.

What do you think?