Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lush & Fix+

Its been a busy week for me (workwise and tryna keep up with my doctor visits). Of course I did a lil shopping here and there. Earlier the week I returned the MAC strobe cream that I have been dying to try but sad to say that my skin did not like it. So in return, I exchanged it to two bottles of MAC Fix +.

And I am in need of new bath and hair products so I went immediately to Lush and bought a shampoo bar, conditioner, soap bar, makeup remover soap bar, hair treatment and facial mask. I will post a review sometime this week but I loooove the coconut fragrance of the shampoo and conditioner!!

The company I work for receives card passes for Estee Lauder Company Store which is only a few blocks away from our office. I went Friday and bought 5 eye shadows (Aquavert, Mancatcher, Purple Shower, Fountainbleu & Lavander Sky), Blast O' Blue lipstick, Moonstone lipglass, Millefeuille Petit Gloss (love it!) and the Patternmaker 3 Tan Lips. The store have a lot of good stuff. I would've bought more but I held myself because I wanna get a couple of MAC's Beauty Powders and the upcoming Heatherette. I depotted about 13 eye shadows so I went to exchange it for B2M and got Up the Amp and Sweetie lipsticks.

Yes, it was quite a lot for the week and with the Heatherette coming up ugh! LOL. I'm gonna stop by the MAC Pro tomorrow to return products I am not using at all (loads of stuff I bought just because I wanted to try it and after a few weeks letting it sit in my dresser, they are still untouched). So I will just exchange them for a few of the Heatherette's.

That is my week's update. Will post my Lush review soon. :)

Enjoy the week y'all!

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