Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My other addiction: Purses!

I admit, I am the type of gal that spends over $1K for ONE purse. It all started with a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, back in 2002, and when they only cost $500-ish. Of course fakes were all over Manhattan and everybody and their momma's gotta have a LV. That Speedy 30 was with me all year round be it a stormy weather or blizzard. Yes, she did served her purpose lol. Of course I yearn for other brands too like Chanel and Balenciaga and I couldn't justify paying more than $500 for one purse. It all changed last year, I think around the month of May. It was a month before my birthday and I don't do parties so I'm like okay I gotta treat myself. The first thing that came to my mind was of course a purse. I do my research and decided to get a Balenciaga Motorcyle style City ($1,195). It was a Vert D'eau color. I bought it off eBay (at your own risk! I did my research) and of course it was authentic. My birthday passed and I realized that I was drawn to Balenciaga's leather goat material. It is not lambskin as Chanel's and I love it the way it is. Since then I bought another City style with Marine blue color, a Day style in Rouge Vif, a Step style in Grape color and a First style in black from 2005 (HG for most Balenciaga bag lovers). The style is a trial-and-error, it has to fit my everyday needs and something I can use over the weekends when I go out shopping and stuff. The City didn't really work well with me, the straps is not very useful for me and for the Day style, it looks too big on me but I love how roomy it is though. So when Balenciaga released the Step style Fall of 2007 with a favorite color of mine - Grape, I knew I gotta have it. I then called Aloha Rag and purchased one ($1,095). I definitely recommend calling Aloha Rag than Balenciaga NY because the SA are sooo helpful. I asked her to send me a veiny and bubbly leather and that's what I received! And I would also recommend Corey from RealDealCollection, she is such a doll. I exchanged my Vert D'eau with an '05 Black First and fell inlove with it. Here are the pictures of my (growing) Balenciaga collection :)

Balenciaga Black '05 First

Balenciaga '07 Grape Step

Hayden's Grape Step (so y'all can see the size)

For latest Purse releases, please check Purse Blog and for discussions and to authenticate purses, check out the Purse Forum.

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