Monday, April 14, 2008

Camping Out for Kicks?

I haven't camped out over night for a pair of sneakers and I am not saying that I wouldn't because I did waited 8 hours in line for a pair lol. Yeah it may sound crazy to others, especially non-sneakerheads but it was well worth it. It wasn't an awesome experience needless to say but it was an experience. Yes I did woke up at 4 in the morning and was waiting in line at 5AM for the Puma No Mas First Round. I was #16th in line and of course got my pair in a size 6. And another reason that makes these pair special is that we both camped out for these, and he delt with my whinning and impatient ass, lol. Oh and since they are numbered shoe, I was lucky enough to get the #1 or 48. :)

Puma No Mas


  1. wow i haven't camped out for anything lol...but i will say that those sneakers are hot!

  2. nice! i haven't bought a pair of sneakers since forever. I think the last pairs were some blazers but nothing special like yours.