Friday, April 25, 2008

NYX Eye Pencils

Eye pencils/liners are makeup products I don't normally splurge on. Okay, with the exception of 3 MAC eye kohl (grey, black & brown - which I think are necessary liner colors), the 4 dual pencils from the Heatherette collection and blacktrack & silver fluidliners. So anyway, last month when I checked out this cosmetics store in my 'hood, I bought a white and blue (which is called Sapphire) NYX eye pencils. If I remember it correctly it was $2.99 each. I love it. The color payoff is really good (for the Sapphire). I used it to line my lid and waterline. The color stays put on my lid but it gets washed out after 4 hours or so on my waterline. It is very vibrant and has a great color payoff, thought the downside is like I said, it is not waterproof. Personally, I really like it and planned to purchase other vibrant and cool colors. That being said, I immediately checked Cherry Culture and they are only $1.99. I was stoked, lol but most of the colors that I wanted a sold out. Of course I checked with my friend Google and searched for other online stores that sell NYX. Viola! I found Nonpareil Boutique and they have various NYX products as well. The website have 30 colors of NXY eye pencil. I was like - score! Hahaha.. And they are only $1.98 each. So of course I bought 10 different colors and 3 eye shadows. I can't wait lol. I will definitely write another post about this and swatches of the pencil liners. Stay tuned!

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  1. I need to try out the NYX e/p. I went to Ulta the other day and did a swatch on one of the color, left it on all day and it lasted until the the next morning. I'm impressed.