Thursday, May 22, 2008

Haul: Neo Sci Fi & Solar Field

I got all the eyeshadows from the Neo Sci Fi collection. I didn't plan to get any - not until yesterday. All the eyeshadows are work-friendly (for me) and that's exactly what I need. I feel like I have been wearing bold eyeshadows lately for work and I need to calm my makeup down LOL. Overall, this collection is perfect for me!
I bought the Expensive Pink on a pan since its a repromote (also saved me $4, hehe). I can't wait to play with these - probably tomorrow!
I only bought Sci-Fi-Delity & Pleasureseeker lipsticks because these are the only ones that I would definitely wear. I know for sure that I'll be wearing these two lipsticks a lot, that's how pretty they are! And same goes with Soft & Slow & Pink Grapefruit lipglasses.

The Solar Bits are pretty too! The Black Ore & Bronzescape are both sold out at the 2 MAC stores that I went to but I might check a few other stores tomorrow to get those. I haven't really played with these yet but I've heard from other people's review that the fallout from these pigments are bad! I would recommend using a Mixing Medium or Fix+ when using this.


  1. Thank you for the review and the swatches. I wasn't planning on getting anything either and then i broke the bank and got Sci -Fidelity, Pink grapefruit, expensive pink and X-Rocks...
    enjoy your goodies :)