Thursday, July 10, 2008


Since this post, LUSH became my other guily pleasure. As much as I love make-up (MAC and other brands), LUSH is another thing I cannot live with out. Well okay, this is my other addiction.

I was first introduced to LUSH while waiting for my brother in Orlando Airport one Summer day of 2006. If I remember it correctly, I bought Buffy. I think I liked the almond scent of it. It is exfoliating and extremely moisturizing. Fast forward a year and a half later (earlier this year). We were walking around SOHO and the candy-scented LUSH SOHO drew me in. We didn't bought anything but I took a mental note that I will come back. I did went to another location (Herald Square) and bought the items I posted then on this entry. I started going to the store once a week. That once a week visit became twice or even three times a week visits!!! I became one of their "favorite customer" (it is pretty embarrassing lol coming from an SA who called me that). Then the addiction began...

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

I'll try to post my own bath cocktails and reviews here and there, but of course I'm no way gonna forget make-up!!!


  1. i have a couple of lush bath bombs that i got as a present that I haven't tried out...i think it's the cotton candy one... have you tried?

  2. *gasp* I know u! . you used to be on hipalbum! . i dont think u remember who i am but i used to be creambtch on there. well anyway im feeling ur blog ;)
    who doesn't love MAC??

  3. I've used Lush soaps in the past and they're very addictive..