Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MAC Suite Array

Check-in to the double-delight luxury of our new Eye Shadow Suite. Eight shadow duos in unexpectedly fresh and frivolous colours paired with one of our new Pearlglide Eye Liners will provide you with all the accoutrements of day and night bedroom eyes...

Eye shadow Suites - $16.00USD

Blue Zone - Deep grey/green with silver pearlized pigments/Light ice blue with silver pearlized pigments
Ocean 2 - Mid-tone blue with silver pearlized pigments/Light blue with silver pearlized pigments
Smoke & Ash - Black with silver pearlized pigments/Mid-tone grey silver with pearlized pigments
Counterparts - Deep forest with gold pearlized pigments/Mid-tone orange with gold pearlized pigments
Rose Suites - Intense blue pink/Light yellow with silver pearlized pigments
Shallow v. Deep - Bluish green with gold pearlized pigments/Mint with silver pearlized pigments
Sweet Liason - Pale yellow with gold pearlized pigments/Deep brown with gold pearlized pigments
Team Violets - Dark burgundy with burgundy pearlized pigments/Mid-tone violet with gold pearlized pigments

Pearlglide Liners - $14.50USD

Wolf - Deep grey with gold glitter
Rave - Deep purple with purple glitter
Fly-by-Blu - Light blue with blue glitter
Black Russian - Black with navy blue glitter
Miss Fortune - Eggplant with light pink glitter
Bankroll - Rich green with bright green sparkle
Spare Change - Mid-tone brown with copper glitter
Molasses - Brown with mid-tone brown glitter

Available now at http://maccosmetics.com or MAC Pro Stores.

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