Monday, June 8, 2009


Last Friday was the start of my 3 day weekends. Our office is close on Fridays (just for couple of months) hence my 3 day break. I already wasn't feeling well Thursday so I didn't plan anything on Friday, and besides it was ugly, rainy and gloomy. I just bummed the whole day and watched Netflix. Saturday was such a nice day and we planned to go to Brooklyn Botanical Garden but change of plans and we needed to go to Soho (to handle bizness LMAO). We met up with a friend and drove around downtown, then stopped by for an early dinner at Bar 89. We were seated near the bar and this "couple" was getting their drink on. LOL, 15 minutes later this dude's hand is all over the chick. They obviously are too drunk to care, damn it's only 7pm! So yeah we were having some entertainment, took pictures and all. Then they both went to use the "bathroom" on the second floor while my friend went to use the bathroom as well. Can you believe this lame ass dude was begging the girl to let him in? Pathetic. Get a room or take that somewhere.

Oh yeah, we saw The Hangover. Hilarious. Go 'head and see it.

Anyway, we took mad pictures but I was in such a hurry this morning trying to get to work on time (fail) and forgot to bring my ipod's usb cable (I know, I need to get a flash drive lol). Hopefully I'll have pics posted up tonight!

Here's a couple of food pics (lol) that I took from my Blackberry.



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