Wednesday, June 3, 2009

vacation time!

the last official vacation i had was few years ago. went to san francisco for a week in july of 06 then orlando-miami august of 06. see? a vacation is LONG due, 3 years later. was supposed to go to los angeles last week but that was scraped sooo i have few $ credit from virgin america since that plane ticket was cancelled. we was planning on going to las vegas for my birthday but do we really want to go to casinos? umm nope! neither of us have any luck with gambling anyways(unless you count winning $2 from lottery ticket). so we've decided to go to sunny florida! lol. so yeah... don't have tickets yet but that's easy. and hawaii for his birthday towards the end of the year... then the philippines next year to celebrate my mama's (grandmother) 100th birthday. that will be craaazy! everybody in my family are going: titas, titos, cousins, everybody). so yeah, i have vacations lined up already.

and maybe a trip here and there, nothing serious. i actually wanted to go on a vacation alone too. i know it sounds so sad lol but ya know, soul searching, whateva you call it.

see i'm stressed out, so tired, my days, so long.
i need a vacation, i'm going to decatur where it's greater.
see if i could stack me up some paper. - jeezy

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