Thursday, July 23, 2009


What a long week! Can't wait to get off today and start my weekend already. Don't have anything planned as of yet, but I needed some rest & relaxation.

The other day a co-worker complimented my "work attire", except that I should put on black pumps (I was wearing a navy pumps that day). And I answered, "(laughs) Honestly I really don't care what I wear here in the office (laughs again)". She said, "you should". And I replied, "(laughing hysterically) umm no, I don't care what I wear here". It's true. Well, I look decent enough, clean ironed clothes, accessories, make-up. But I'm done with buying "office clothes" anymore. Okay, once in a while I do it but I don't go overboard (like how I used to). Besides, when I "dress up" (like suits, etc.), people never fail to ask me if I am going on a job interview. LOL. I was telling this to my man and he was like, "LOL, I say the exact thing. I told them y'all don't pay me enough money to do a fashion show for y'all". LOL, I don't blame him cuz I feel the same.

Speaking of work, this year marks my 10th year anniversary (October 11th, to be exact)! I remember I was the youngest person working here, ever lol. When new employees ask me how long I've been here and I answer 9 or almost 10 years they don't believe it. They're like did you start working here when you was 13 years old? LOL I take it as a compliment haha, ain't nothing wrong with that. But anyway, when I was on Miami for vacation my manager called me asking for a copy of my latest review. I actually did not print it out cuz I'm thinking - what for? I always have great reviews, I know for sure I wouldn't last here if I am not good at what I do, correct? So anyway, she found her copy of my review at her desk and I thought that was it. She mentioned that she is endorsing me for a promotion and I'm like - thank you. I wasn't really expecting anything, as a matter of fact I forgot all about it. Then while I was writing this blog entry, she called me to her office. She was gonna make a whole speech but my co-worker, whom all 3 of us share the office together, got back from her lunch break. My manager looked at me, LOL she couldn't say anything. My co-worker already had a bad day (messing up an invoice/billings for a partner who wanted to recommend her to our boss (CFO) to get fired, SMH!) so my manager, being nice as she is just looked at me and I already know what it meant, I got promoted! Yay! Thank you Lord! This is very unexpected but I am grateful and thankful.

Count your blessings, I do!

Lost and insecure you found me, you found me
Lying on the floor surrounded, surrounded
Why you'd have to wait? Where were you? Where were you?
Just a little late, you found me, you found me - Fray


  1. hoyyyy i didnt know u were still updating here, adding u now to my links! im still at after all these years, hahahaa.. anyway happy weekend! :)

    ps: so kelan ka punta dito?

  2. wow i didnt read until now, omg congratulations!!!! u deserve it! now u can go shopping for more makeup? LOL

  3. congrats on the promotion! woohooo