Thursday, August 6, 2009

What up?!

Busy, as always! The computer network at work has been down since last week (Wednesday to be exact) due to some nasty virus and as you all know, I usually blog during work hours. It's like taking a lil break off work for a few minutes or so. And I know I've been lagging, even on twitter. Haven't even finished The Time Traveler's Wife book! I'm so stressed right now and only 2 people who read my blog knows why. I'll talk about it sometime, when I feel like it, or when I have time, or whatever the reason is, I will. Anyway, in less than an hour I'm off work. Yay!

Nobody can’t stop it
Can’t stop till you got it
Ima do what I wanna do
Live like I wanna live
Spend what I wanna spend
Give what I wanna give
That’s how it is, I’m controlling my faith
And shinning on those who hate to see me live great
I'm snatching my plate, taking my steak and eating good
I suggest you do the same and get the fuck out the hood - Slim Thug

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