Monday, February 1, 2010

New camera!

I've had my Canon Rebel XTI for a little over 2 years and as much as I love it, I hate carrying it! It's too bulky and heavy for me. I've used it more indoors (parties, family events) than outdoors and it's such a waste letting it collect dust. I've been contemplating for a while about selling it and getting a Canon T1i but the only reason is because of the HD video capability, but it's basically the same thing - a heavy ass camera. And since my bf have a Canon 50D, there's really no need for me to keep mines so I made up my mind to sell my XTI. My bestfriend asked me before if I wanted to sell it because his girlfriend wants one. So when I told him I am selling it, no second thoughts and hesitations. Matter fact, she picked it up earlier. I was tad sad to let it go but I'd rather have somebody that I know to use it, hopefully as much as I have used it. LOL, I know I can be a bit sentimental.

It was a debate last night between a Canon G11 and a Panasonic Lumix LX3, but the Lumix won lol. People may think I am crazy for ordering it already even before playing with it on a store, but I've read enough reviews and there's no way I can go out and try it out on a store anyway. And yes, I am very impatient like that. Besides, I am gonna order online anyway (but from an authorized dealer) so I don't have to pay NY taxes. Hoping to get it by the end of the week, since the store is only in New Jersey. Of course I ordered a 16gb memory card too.

Now I'm on a search for a case. I prefer a leather case, but we'll see..

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