Monday, March 10, 2008

New home!

Wow, I never thought I would use blogger again. I started blogging in 2000 with Then bought a domain with webspace and moved to Greymatter, Movable Type (MT), Wordpress, geez I even have a Xanga and Asian Avenue accounts (haha! well that was when xanga and AA were still poppin'). It reached a point where I just got tired of it and I became too busy with work and personal life. I made several attempts to go back into blogging for the past 2 years and failed. I totally forgot the html language and my old online/weblog friends stopped blogging and moved on with their lives. Some are still around though they rarely update anymore (ahem Chetz) .

My latest attempt to start blogging was quite successful. Since I opened my wordpress blog earlier this year, I've had about 870 visitors. I don't wait for comments but the fact that there are people who reads my weblog is enough, and that made me continue it. Like everybody else, I limit myself as to what I write and that includes personal and work related issues. At this point I can say that I am ready to continue blogging once again. Hence I moved to blogger and purchased my own domain too! I think I had about 3 or 4 domain names in the past and since I really couldn't think of anything (lol) I thought I'd make my domain name more personal. On that note, watch out for my thoughts (and possibly reviews) about beauty products, my shopping addiction, everyday life issues (though limited lol), news and events and many more!

Later y'all.


  1. yay i've been catching up on your posts and you have awesome photography skills i must say! your hauls look absolutely fab...i wish i had a pro store near me...and now you mention mufe! I've been wanting to get into that for a while...but all of MAC's collections have been draining me...after Heatherette i'll probably check out some more goodies at mascara...i've been using diorshow and love it but also want to expand, let me know how you like the UD mascara.

  2. Hi there Joyce! Thanks so much! You are sweet yeah I don't mind the link! Thanks! Awesome blog you got here! Yeah the MUFE Flash Pots are really creamy!

  3. lol thanks for the shout. hahahaha. i know i'm just like u.. trying to still blog..... and i'm usually lost for words. errr. glad to have u back. i'll try to update more!