Sunday, March 2, 2008

What a week!

Whew. Work was crazy and to treat myself for hardwork (yeah right lol), I splurged a lil bit. I actually returned some products at Sephora because my skin i breaking up. I returned a Bliss cleanser and a Clinique moisturizer (the superdefence one). I guess I'm gonna stick to my Kiehl's moisturizer and cleanser for now. Some of the items I bought that I didn't took a picture are: MAC 187 & 222 brushes; Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +; Smashbox Primer; MAC Snob lipstick (actually a Back2Mac item yayy!); and I'm sure I have other stuff that I forgot to mention. And that's only last week's purchases. I *might* post a review about the MUFE foundation and Smashbox Primer.

Anyway, enjoy my few eye candies:

Make Up For Ever Flash Color

Make Up For Ever eye shadow (turquoise & fuschia)

MAC eye shadows

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