Friday, March 21, 2008


Dear Readers,

I'm glad everybody liked my Heatherette collection video but I apologize for the confusion of the two eyeshadow trios. It was very late when I did that and was too tired, LOL. Anyway, this is the correct labeling (per my previous post and not the labeling on my youtube vid) --

Heatherette Eyeshadow Tio 1

Heatherette Eyeshadow Trio 2

Anyway, its been a busy week for me. I was never really big on eyeliners and I am very loyal to my MAC Blacktrack fluidline so I wasn't really planning on getting the Heatherette Dual Edge Eye Pencil. I went to the MAC counter during my lunch break yesterday to check the Melrose Mood lipstick IRL at Macy's and came back with all 4 Heatherette liners! I love how one end is all glittery while the other end is creamy! I have yet to play with the glittery side but I am using the creamy Black Funk on my waterline and so far its holding up pretty well. And I used Alpha Girl to blush my cheeks and love it! It gives my cheeks a light flush. I am sure most of y'all already have your Heatherette collection and enjoying it!

Have a fabulous Holy Week y'all!

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