Wednesday, March 19, 2008

YouTube: Heatherette for MAC

I went back to MACPro yesterday after work and oh my (!!!) almost all of the products are sold out. I bought the She's Bad and She's Good Heatherette falsies and a back-up Hollywood Nights. I also asked for a Jardin Aires pigment sample. And since I couldn't wait, I ordered from site my back-ups: Scarlet Kiss, Hollywood Nights (okay now I think I may have too many of those lol) and the 2 missing from my haul the other day - Style Minx l/g and Melrose Mood (ordered 2 of those). My fave from the collection is the Eyeshadow Trio 1 (wearing them right now, will post a youtube vid tonight for this), Scarlet Kiss lipglass, Hollywood Nights & Melrose Mood lipsticks.

Check out this youtube I did for the Heatherette for MAC collection --


  1. Hey great video!

    I think you mixed up the two trios though! Isn't Casette purple? Not black?

  2. Hi Julia,
    Yes I screw up on the name of the trios. Sorry for the confusion!