Thursday, October 16, 2008

MAC Collection Releases and Dates

10/16 - Carry All Traincase (MAC stores + only. Partner locations on 01 Jan 09)
10/16 - Mineralize Line Expansion and Displayer
10/16 - Sheer Minerals
10/16 - Red She Said (Holiday Colour Collection)
10/23 - Kids Helping Kids (Holiday Cards that support the MAC AIDS Fund)
10/23 - Giftables (Holiday gift containers for customers to fill/purchase and give as gifts)
10/23 - Passions of Red (Holiday Palettes)
10/23 - Enchanting Vermillion Fashion Eye Kit
11/06 - Dazzle Lash Mascara
11/06 - Little Darlings (Holiday Minis)
11/13 - Fall/Winter Trend Bags
11/20 - Metal Urge
11/27 - Monogram - MAC's annual couture collection
11/30 - Perfect Style
Nov 08 - Adoring Carmine Bags (Holiday Lip Bags and Brush Sets)
Nov 08 - Passionately Red (Holiday Viva Glam Lip Palettes)
12/26 - Lash and Dash (Formerly known as 'Lash Sidebar'
12/26 - Dame Edna
12/26 - Chill

Source: Specktra

The last time I was in the MAC store was a week and a half ago, not to buy anything crazy but the necessities - makeup remover wipes and concealer. Honestly I was surprised at myself. I usually go to the MAC Pro a week earlier if there's a new collection coming out but I haven't done that since the Sonic Chic collection. I still go here and there but not like before where I go to the MAC store at least twice a week.

Anyway, I may have to go today and check out the new collection and maybe get a few items from the Red She Said & Sheer Minerals collections. And if I do, a swatch will be posted up soon.

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