Thursday, October 16, 2008

MAC Red She Said haul

Since I have plans tonight with my drinking buddy LOL, I stopped by the MAC stores in Chelsea during my lunch break and picked up a few goodies:

Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish
Word-of-Mouth Mineralize eyeshadow trio
#222 Brush
Red She Said lipstick
Crazee lipstick
Fibre Rich Lash mascara

Total damage: $110 and some change

I already have a lot of eyeshadow that's why I didn't go crazy with this collections' eyeshadows. The Dazzleglass are fun but I am inlove with Chanel's glossimiers hence, I didn't pick up any. I'm also contemplating on the Petticoat MSF though I know I really don't need it.

Overall, the Red She Said is a decent release. I pretty much bought what I wanted so there's nothing to go back for. Well okay maybe the Pomposity lipstick but it looks like a dupe with my Rocking Chic lipstick from the Barbie collection last year, which I love so much! I'm sure MACaholics will get an item or two from the Red She Said collection.

Here are a few pics from my haul. Not a great quality because its taken from my mighty iPhone. I'm gonna try to take pictures later when I get home =]

Today's MAC Haul

Soft and Gentle MSF

"Red" She Said & Crazee lipstick


  1. girl i got like all the msfs, lol! i got pomposity too cuz i totally missed out on c-shock and the barbie collection...i'm doing my haul video tonight, i'll wear the lipstick in it just for u!

  2. great haul!!! enjoy your goodies