Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rude NYers

Yes, I am one of those. Not really proud of it but whateva *shrugs*

Picture this: standing on a crowded F train at 8:31AM (and you're supposed to be at work or have at least swipped your building card by 8:30AM) holding on a dirty ass rail while listening to some music (I think I was listening to LL) then suddenly this girl from behind you starts pushing trying to get out while the train is STILL moving. WTF? The train ain't even stopped yet, it is still in motion. What would you do?

Well here's what I did: I looked at the lady standing behind me with the "if looks could kill" and "don't ever try to push me again bitch" look and said, "I'm getting off too". I must have said that a lil loud because everbody turned their head towards me. LOL.

Bottom line: don't mess with me in the morning. Or you will have face my wrath. LOL.

Mmmm.. daddy slow down your flow
Put it on me like a G baby nice and slow
I need a rough neck nigga mandingo in a sec
Who ain't afraid to pull my hair and spank me from the back - Doin' It

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