Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yup, 2 blog posts in a row. My boss is off since yesterday though I wouldn't say I was slacking, but I had a little break here. I came to work couple of hours ago and received an email from her that she's not coming in today. Hooray! My co-worker was on the phone with her earlier giving her "updates" cuz she's been gone since Thursday. Updates  meaning laying off people. 46 people actually. And some of them are people that I am cool with. Not that I'm surprised, though.

We finally had a "date night" last Saturday. Went to Atlas Park to watch Iron Man 2 and while waiting, we went to Gymboree and bought Sophie this red dot tiered dress. 90% of all of her clothes are pink, so I'm trying to get her non-pink color clothes. I just sorted Sophie's clothes over the weekend and they are all too small for her. I gave it to my mom so she can take it to the church for donation. And it is a lot, like 2 huge bags, real huge lol. Then my aunt came and told me she took it so she can send it to some relatives in the Philippines. Glad to know other babies can use it, because they are still kind of new, slightly used so to speak. Anyway back to the date night - I have this thing that I fall asleep on the movies, a lot. And guess what? I did! I guess I'm not used to being still for more than half hour, so of course I fell asleep. Twice, lol. I was tired too though, went to grocery in the A.M. then played with the baby all day. I love it, I love spending time with Sophie. I love how she responds to us in her own way. All smiles, laughter, and she just communicates without words simply by looking into my eyes. 

Oh here's a pictures of Sophie this Sunday after church -


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